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Brush Back Cotton

Brush Back Cotton – Cosy Winter Sleepwear from White Nightie

So, it seems Grandma may have known best. If people mention flannel or flannelette nighties, it conjures visions of mature ladies or gents wearing their thick winter nightwear, or the soft sheets we were cosseted in during childhood.

However, the contemporary version is very much in vogue, with high quality nightwear designers using a lot of brush back cotton this season as it makes for a premium and elegant garment with the perfect qualities for natural comfort.

So, what is brush back cotton? Basically, it is natural cotton fabric that is brushed on one side to create a soft, heat retaining but breathable fabric, absolutely ideal to wear for added warmth and comfort in bed.

The difference between brush back cotton and flannel/flannelette is that flannelette is combed on both sides to create a thicker, more absorbent fabric.

Luxury soft brush back cotton from White Nightie…

New to our autumn/winter range is a collection of luxury sleepwear made in brush back cotton which not only looks fabulous, but is soft to the touch, durable, breathable, and easy care.

If you prefer natural cotton, most of our items come in smooth soft cotton, but if you are looking for something slightly textured for winter months, then choose from a range of snuggly nightwear in 100% brush back cotton.

Choose from the following garments all available for free UK delivery. If you are purchasing for a gift, remember we offer a complimentary gift-wrapping service on request.

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