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I am a huge fan

I am a huge fan of White Nightie, their gorgeous products, their trustworthy, efficient and so helpful service. In lockdown one, my plans for friends birthdays outings were scuppered and I could not go to the shops. So, knowing their tastes, I pointed them to the White Nightie collections and asked them to choose anything they liked. Not only was that a fun thing to do in such dismal times but they were thrilled with their gifts and guess what? We are doing the same again for Christmas. What could be nicer than the females in your life having an opportunity to choose for themselves from this wonderful collection. If you have purchased from this collection yourself, you know they are going to be thrilled with their choice but they don’t know how thrilled they are going to be when they unwrap that special parcel of loveliness. If you haven’t – go for it! Merry Christmas and sweet dreams ladies!

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