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Why a dressing gown?

Did you know that even before the nineteenth century, men and women sometimes wore informal and less confining clothing at home and in informal social settings.

These dressing gowns, as they were primarily known, allowed people to appear fashionable , whilst remaining comfortable, which is why we love to lounge around in them not just at night but during the day too.

Do you know the difference between a robe and a dressing gown? A robe is made from towelling material, where a dressing gown is not. Both the robe and dressing gown are normally worn as a loose fit for comfort. Dressing gowns are traditionally made of silk, or, alternatively, cashmere, wool and cotton.

It is not recommended to wear them whilst you are wet and normally used between the time you get up out of bed, before you get dressed or when you change from your clothes into your nightwear, before you go to bed or as house wear in general, but not for going down the street!

The best fitting dressing gowns are those that allow for free and unrestricted movement yet, feeling comfortable and can adjust to your body temperature.

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