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Hey Baby! How to sleep well during pregnancy

Hey Baby! How to sleep well during pregnancy

When you are expecting a baby, one of the things that some women find is it can be hard to get a good night’s rest.

As the baby bump gets bigger, it can be difficult to get comfortable, and often women sleep with a pillow to support their bump and between their knees, which can add to the heat generated.

A bit like the menopause, some pregnant women find that they suffer from night sweats caused by hormonal changes.

There are handy tips that can help, including taking a relaxing warm, not hot, bath before bedtime. and avoiding any caffeinated drinks. Choosing cotton bed linen and shunning man-made fabrics can also help.

Here at White Nightie, we sell a lot of sleepwear for mums -to-be and nursing mothers, largely because pure cotton is one of the nicest fabrics to wear for natural nighttime comfort.

Whether you choose a loose-fitting nightdress or roomy PJs with a tie belt to loosen out as your pregnancy progresses, 100% cotton is both soft and breathable to help with your comfort and relaxation.

Crisp, cool cotton is temperature regulating and works with your body temperature to give restorative sleep. Cotton is also anti-moisture wicking, which means that it quickly absorbs any perspiration, and helps to stop a sticky, damp feeling.

Many of our designs are suitable for maternity wear, and if you are breast feeding we have a number of nighties with button front detailing for your comfort and convenience.

Our feature photo is the Francis short sleeved nightdress.

Visit our website and click the MATERNITY section, or if you would like our advice drop us an email  enquiries1@whitenightie.co.uk

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