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Why Choose Cotton

Why choose cotton?

At White Nightie ‘sleep in natural comfort’ is our company strapline, and that says it all.

All our sleepwear is made of 100% cotton, which is why our customers return time and time again to purchase beautiful garments in a range of styles to suit all ages and sizes.

Cotton is used more than any other natural fibre in the world with cotton plants primarily grown for cloth making. As a choice of fabric for nightwear it is simply perfect; breathable and cool in the summer, and cosy in the winter.

There are many advantages to choosing pure cotton, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, and provide softness and comfort against the skin.

If your selection on choice of clothing is ethical, then cotton is once again a good choice. Most cotton farmers choose to grow their crops without the use of pesticides, and much is now known as organic cotton. Because it is a natural fibre, cotton is 100% biodegradable – so as well as being kind to your skin it is also kind to the environment.

Being a natural fabric, our cotton night wear is also durable and long lasting, washing well and becoming even softer the more it is washed and worn.

We hope you find enjoyment and comfort in our beautiful nighties, pyjamas and robes.

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